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Patriotic Car Magnets


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Patriotic Car Magnets include Large Ribbon Magnets (3-7/8" wide x 8" tall) and Car Bumper Magnets (10-7/8" wide x 2-7/8" tall).  Car Ribbon and Bumper Magnets are made and printed in the United States of America with High Quality UV protected inks printed on premium quality, extra thick (.30 mil) magnetic material.  (For more information Click Here.)  For the Car Bumper Magnets, keep in mind that most new cars do not have metal bumpers.  So the magnets will need to go on the trunk lid or some other metal part of the car.


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$2.95 USD

Item: CM-RBN001


 Support Our Troops - Yellow


$2.95 USD

Item: CM-RBN002


 Pray For Our Troops - Yellow


$2.95 USD

Item: CM-RBN003


God Bless The USA - Red-White-Blue


$2.95 USD

Item: CM-RBN004


One Nation Under God - Red-White-Blue


$2.95 USD

Item: CM-RBN005


Support Our Troops - Red-White-Blue


$2.95 USD

Item: CM-RBN006


Freedom Isn't Free! - Red-White-Blue


$2.95 USD

Item: CM-RBN007


POW/MIA - You Are Not Forgotten! - Black


$2.95 USD

Item: CM-RBN008


Support Our Troops - Red-White-Blue-Yellow


$2.95 USD

Item: CM-RBN009


Land Of The Free Because Of The Brave! - Camouflage



$3.95 USD

Item: CM-BMP001


Land Of The Free Because Of The Brave!


$3.95 USD

Item: CM-BMP002


Freedom Isn't Free!


$3.95 USD

Item: CM-BMP003


These Colors Don't Run!


$3.95 USD

Item: CM-BMP004


9/11 Never Forget!


$3.95 USD

Item: CM-BMP005


POW/MIA - You Are Not Forgotten!

WARNING: To avoid permanent damage to your paint move magnets frequently.

DO NOT place magnets on newly waxed or painted surfaces.


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